What ingredients do you use in your soap?

Our soaps are made from 100% Pure Plant Oils, Clay Powders, botanicals, Australian Native ingredients, Australian Organic Aloe Vera, Plant- Based Butter's and Essential Oils. Our soaps do not contain any artificial fragrance. Please refer to complete ingredients listed in the soap description.


How are your soaps made?

Our soaps are individually handcrafted with care, love and purpose using the cold-processed method. We make our soaps in small batches that are hand mixed, hand poured and hand cut. It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks curing time before the soap is ready for you to enjoy!


Are your soaps vegan - cruelty free - palm oil free?

Yes! 100%. We never use any beeswax, goat's milk or other animal products.


Have any of your products been tested on animals?

Definitely No! Only tested on humans!


Is Humble Blessings Eco-friendly?

We choose packaging that has the lowest impact possible on the environment using recycled products from Australian merchants.


Do you use any sulfates?

No. We are completely sulfate free.


Do you use parabens?

No. We are completely paraben free.


Do you use synthetic fragrances?

No. We only use essential oils.


Are your products organic?

We use a combination of quality organic and natural, fair-trade ingredients sourced from Melbourne and around Australia where possible. 


What colourants do you use?

Most of our soaps are naturally coloured using botanical's, clay powders, fruits and herbs. We do also use oxides and fluorophlogopite synthetic mica.


What is fluorophlogopite synthetic mica and why do you use it?

The mining of natural mica is linked to several ethical issues including unfair child labour and unethical child exploitation. Also overall health of the miner breathing in the dust and sediments in the air putting the miners at a health risk.

Synthetic mica doesn't have the environmental impact as mining puts the earth's health at risk by destroying natural Eco-systems. 

Natural mica contains sharp edges which can cause micro tears in the skins surface. Synthetic mica is created in a lab, has smooth, uniformed edges making it non-irritating and gentle on the skin.

Synthetic mica is 100% biodegradable, 100% safe to use in cosmetics, 100% free of any plastics and free of contamination of toxic heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead.


Does your soap contain Lye?

Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic Soda or Lye, is an essential ingredient in what is called the 'saponification' process.

Sodium Hydroxide and the plant oils are combined where they react to produce 'soap'. Saponification is completed when ALL the sodium hydroxide and plant oils have been converted into soap and skin loving, glycerine.

At the final stage of saponification, there is NO remaining sodium hydroxide left in the soap. Therefore, there is NO sodium hydroxide in our soap bars!


Why use the cold-processed soap method?

At Humble Blessings we prefer to use the trusted, ancient cold-process method in making our soaps. We believe it creates an extremely luxurious, soap bar, while optimizing the benefits of the powerfully, nourishing ingredients, allowing to preserve the integrity and skin loving benefits of the essential oils, plant butters, plant oils and botanical ingredients.


Do your soaps lather?



Why are your soaps mildly scented?

Pure essential oils are extracted from plants that can provide a lighter scent in your bar of soap. Synthetic fragrances provide stronger scents that are made up of synthetic chemicals that are not all known and may have adverse effects on the skin and general health which is why we choose not to use them in any of our soaps.


Why does my skin feel more hydrated using your soap compared with commercial soap?

Our handcrafted soap naturally contains highly moisturising glycerine, unlike commercial soaps which often have the glycerine removed, as it is a valued by-product that is sold in other cosmetics.


Can I use your soap if I have sensitive skin?

Our Unscented soap range have no essential oils and have been specifically created for the more sensitive skin types to provide relief from any irritation while effectively cleansing. We recommend doing a small patch test on the skin especially if you have experienced allergic reactions to skin products in the past.


Can children use your soaps?

We recommend choosing our Unscented soap range for children use, we don't recommend any soaps with essential oils.  Always keep away from eyes and not for internal use. If your child has skin sensitivities we recommend doing a small patch test and wait 24 hours to observe any reaction. 


What size are your soap bars?

In the description you will see a minimum weight of 180 grams, but often our bars are even greater in weight. Many handcrafted bars on the market are approx 100g - 130g. We intentionally aimed to produce generous soap bars with our customers use in mind.


How long will my soap last?

Depending on how often the soap bar is being used it should generally last anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks or longer. To help extend the life of your soap it is imperative the natural soap bar is allowed to dry after every use on a well drained soap deck or equivalent, always keeping it dry away from pools of water, this will extend the life of your soap substantially.


We offer our in house, artisan handcrafted soap decks made from FSC certified pine. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is a non-profit organization that sets certain high standards to make sure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner.


How long will your soaps remain fresh?

While soaps last a long time, we advise to use within 6 months to optimize strength and skin benefits.


Am I able to make an order for someone else?

Yes of course! All you need to do is make sure you change the delivery address that you would like your delivery to go. 

Please check your delivery address before payment to make sure that your order makes it to the correct address.