The amazing skin benefits of Australian white kaolin clay.

You will find Australian white kaolin clay in our ingredients list in every bar of our soap.

There are just so many amazing reasons why it's a must to include it!

Firstly, compared to other clay like (bentonite clay), white kaolin clay does not dry out the skin, in fact, it does quite the opposite. 

Australian white kaolin clay is an incredibly soft, fine, silky powder that is exceptionally gentle on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated, and smooth.

Australian white kaolin clay is ultimately suited for dry sensitive mature skin, but honestly has amazing benefits for all skin types.

While this gentle clay is not listed as anti-bacterial, still it is remarkably effective in removing impurities like toxins, dirt, excessive oil, and dead skin cells. It truly is an impressive safe, gentle exfoliator allowing to remove impurities without causing any irritation, redness, or leaving skin itchy and dry.

Australian white kaolin clay has a neutral ph and is rich in minerals, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and silica dioxide. It is so gentle, it has been used in baby powders. It is completely chemical-free and natural.

Major sources of high-quality Australian white kaolin clay can be found widespread deposits at Gulgong and in the Oakland, Coorabin area in southern New South Wales, and in parts of Australia including Wirangu land in South Australia and additional major sources can come from other states throughout  Australia.